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General Construction FAQ

  1. What is General Construction?

General Construction is the broad area of that a general contractor manages for a client. This can include a variety of other aspects, such as: home building, subcontractor employment, home remodeling, the ever-popular design build and many more. Basically, General Construction is the topic that can come up in any project and with any construction manager. SunPro Construction is a top general construction company in the Greater Los Angeles area.

  1. What is a General Contractor?

A General Contractor, or just contractor, is a usually independent contractor with a contractor license that is allowed to develop the projects that all the construction companies undertake, which is that of construction projects.

  1. What projects do these contractors do?

The majority of these contractors do it all, from the Pre-Construction Phase of a project all the way to Post-Construction finalities. Whatever kind of project you need to be done, the team at SunPro Construction can help you every step of the way. Residential, Commercial and Industrial markets are our specialty, whether it’s a single home or a multi-story complex. Anything you can think up, we can do it.

  1. How do I know which contractor to choose?

Ideally, the contractor you need will be fully licensed, bonded and insured with all of the correct certifications and approval for this kind of work, like SunPro Construction is. We have all of the necessary legal requirements and have been serving the local community’s general construction needs for over 22 years.

  1. How do I get started on my project?

Contact SunPro Construction today for all of your project needs. We have a dedicated team of professionals on call 24/7 so you can get started on your project right away. Our helpful office staff is ready to speak with you at (2130 444-0169 and answer any questions you may have about the whole process. Or, you can send us an email by clicking on this link and get an appointment and estimate meeting set up right away. Choose SunPro Construction for all of your General Construction needs in Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Riverside, and Orange County.


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