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Every home or office is different and mounting a flat-screen TV to a wall isn’t always as straightforward as it may appear. To begin with, you’ll need the right type of fasteners for the right type of surface to avoid any future mishaps.  You’ll also want to place your TV in the proper location for optimal viewing experiences. Let our experienced A/V technicians and TV installers find just the right place for your new Smart-TV and install it securely so you can sit back and enjoy the view,

If you just bought a new flat screen TV or home theater System, believe us when we say that we share your excitement! We know you deserve to install and mount it exactly how and where you want it, and if you’re having trouble deciding where – we can offer offer you the best possible solution! Whether you’re looking to build the perfect home entertainment or gaming center, a new reliable and fast home network, or make your man-cave more secure? Custom tv wall-mounting and home theater solutions is what we’re great at, and since we’ve been in the business for over 20 years – there is nobody better! We are the best same-day on-wall TV Installation and TV mounting company in Southern California and the home entertainment industry.

Our team of vetted TV Installers and Home theater technicians will make sure that only thing you would have to do, is to enjoy the quickness, affordability and reliability of our services. We listen to our clients wishes closely and take the tedious process out of your hands. Working with cables, components and electrical wiring is not only confusing but can also be dangerous if not done correctly.

Our THX-certified electricians and home contractors specialize in custom TV wall mounting, home theater setups, Audio & Visual distributions, security surveillance systems and home networking solutions for homes and businesses. Whether you’d like your TV mounted over the fireplace, a projector with a screen installed in your studio, a store-wide audio/video feed, or remote control programming for your appliances – SunPro Construction and TV Installation is your one stop, shop. Our team of tv-installation contractors are licensed, bonded, insurd and can definitely do it all!

Our technicians are hand-selected, vetted and background-checked. Call (888) 961-5248 to schedule your FREE consultation now!

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