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Sun Professional Cabinet Refinishing and Painting Company, Chino Hills, CA

Welcome to Sun Professional Cabinet Refinishing and Painting Company! We’ve been in the business of indoor painting and remodeling for many years and there’s really no project of yours that we cannot turn into reality. We have an entire team of contractors servicing in Chino Hills, CA and if you’re looking for a cabinet refacing contractor, you’ve found it!

As a statewide residential interior and exterior painting company, this local branch activating as a bathroom and kitchen cabinet refacing company can help you achieve a lot starting from little. How about a bathroom cabinet painting lacquer finish? Can you picture what a welcome change it would bring to your bathroom or to any other corner of your house that could use some shine?

Bathroom and kitchen remodeling, and then some more!

Why work with an exclusive kitchen cabinet refacing company or a cabinet refacing contractor when you can have an entire team of professionals that can paint and recondition your house inside out?

Sun Professional Cabinet Refinishing and Painting Company is the kind of provider that can help you with bathroom cabinet painting lacquer finish, kitchen cabinet and countertop refacing, and many other things in between. Our mix of services Chino Hills, CA tailor-made will give you an all-in-one solution to renovate your home without using all your savings. 

Are you curious to know more?

Sun Professional Cabinet Refinishing and Painting Company – how can we help?

As mentioned, we are more than a kitchen cabinet refacing company. We offer painting services for commercial and residential purposes, for interior and exterior walls and furniture.

If you’re looking for a cabinet refacing contractor to help you make simple but significant adjustments on your cabinets, we can send you one right away. If you’re pondering the benefits of bathroom cabinet painting lacquer finish vs polyurethane or shellac, we’d be more than happy to help with all that. We’re here to help you with all, period.

Transform your home with the right upgrades!

You may think you know exactly why you called at Sun Professional Cabinet Refinishing and Painting Company. But our practice of serving the Chino Hills, CA residents has taught us all great upgrades should start with an in-home design consultation.

A cabinet refacing contractor will probably only be capable of giving you limited advice. If you search for a kitchen cabinet refacing company, you’ll also need to look for someone separately, specialized in bathroom remodeling, to help you with that bathroom cabinet painting lacquer finish.

So how about we send you a professional painter with extended knowledge in all these areas?

About the Chino Hills, CA

Chino Hills, CA is a city from the San Bernardino County, in California. With a history dating back since 1771 and an old-time inclination to raising cattle, today, the settlement has evolved significantly. You can still eat finger-licking meat dishes at the local Chino Hills, CA famous restaurants. But there’s certainly a lot more about it than foods…

Within a short, 39-mile distance from LA, Chino Hills, CA is one of the go-to recreational places for all the Los Angeles residents looking to get away and not only. After all, here in Chino Hills, CA, the landscape with the San Gabriel Mountains guarding the city, and the numerous trails make an absolute paradise for all the bike lovers. Equestrian passionate and hikers are just as welcomed around here!