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Sun Professional Residential Exterior Painting, Pomona, CA

When was the last time you had a professional inspecting the exterior of your house? Leaky gutters, torn stucco or rotted wood are just a few of the hidden problems that an experienced exterior house painter can spot instantly.

Were you thinking to handle some residential exterior painting work on your own? Are you sure you can do all of the above without the help of a licensed painting contractor?

If not, the Sun Professional Painting Company is your go-to helper.

The right residential exterior painting for long-lasting beauty

Beauty that doesn’t peel off is what Sun Professional Painting Company has been providing all of its clients since 1994. We’re the licensed painting contractor that goes way beyond appearances, which is why we will handle everything described above and many other exterior works before we get to the actual painting. And when our exterior house painter moves on to applying color, it will be the best quality, perfectly-balanced layer of coat that will last for years!

The perfect communication with the client and total transparency

Sun Professional Painting Company works exclusively with experienced and passionate in-house craftsmen because we know that the quality of our team will dictate the quality of your residential exterior painting results.

The licensed painting contractor you sign with will bring you an entire team and a personal exterior house painter to walk you through our process, offer you free color consultation and educate you on the variety of available products.

We work with you to meet your project expectations and budget!

The free quote that encompasses all of our services

If you like our way of approaching residential exterior painting and you would like to benefit from such a consultation with an exterior house painter from the Sun Professional Painting Company team, you’re only a phone call away to get all that.

Use the toll-free number to reach out to our licensed painting contractor or use the online form, fill out the fields, and you’ll hear from us by the end of today!

About the Pomona, CA

In a top 10 largest cities in the Los Angeles County, Pomona, CA is the proud taker of the 7th position. The 23 square miles of Pomona, CA are spread somewhere along the San Gabriel Valley, in the proximity of the Inland Empire. But the city of Pomona, CA is not just a big community, it is also the place where the big bucks are rolling, since its residents are scoring really well in a top of the best-paid Americans.

For tourists eager to discover Pomona, CA and see what makes it so special, there are usually a couple of things that strike from a distance – the antique shops, the art shops, and the churches. A city with over 120 churches, Pomona, CA had plenty of time to grow into the “vibrant, safe, beautiful” community as its motto advertises it. Settled in 1830 and incorporated in 1888, the city of Pomona, CA is a must-visit, guaranteed-to-charm-you tourist destination in the LA County.