Sun Professional Residential Exterior Painting, Yorba Linda, CA

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Sun Professional Residential Exterior Painting, Yorba Linda, CA

Imagine you would give your front house a blast of color with some vivid paint. You clean off the dirty spots, add some polish, new color, new feel – instantly, you will love coming back home every day. Of course, Sun Professional Painting Company can do all that for you.

As a leading licensed painting contractor of the local market, adding curb appeal is our bread and butter. Want to see a residential exterior painting project of ours, for inspiration? Better yet, want to talk to an exterior house painter?

Book a free consult with Sun Professional Painting Company

Whether you have some ideas and you could use some guidance or you feel completely overwhelmed, a licensed painting contractor will know how to guide you. Apply online for a complimentary consultation with an exterior house painter and you could get all the information you need on your residential exterior painting options and even more…

Picture a fancy makeover of your front home

Once you have applied with us, one of the Sun Professional Painting Company representatives will call to set up a meeting as soon as you are available. Our licensed painting contractor offer, at this point, is to grant you an on-site full evaluation and consultation with an exterior house painter specialized in color selection.

After that, you will receive a written residential exterior painting project plan that will show you exactly how we can make all your plans and dreams come true.

Watch it as it turns into a colorful reality

Once you decide to sign the proposed plan, the Sun Professional Painting Company will assign you a team of workers and an exterior house painter to manage the project. We will be handling anything from pressure washing and concrete sealing and staining to sidings, fencing, coatings, wood replacement or repairs, moulding installation and many others. It will be a full residential exterior painting and remodeling work.

Our licensed painting contractor is guaranteed to finish the work as per the initial estimation, within 3 to 5 days, cleanup and final inspections included!

About the Yorba Linda, CA

Yorba Linda, CA, that “pretty” city as its name would suggest, used to be a tiny settlement back in 1769. When the soon-to-be 37th president of America, Richard Nixon, was seeing the daylight in Yorba Linda, CA, in 1913, the community was still far from becoming an incorporated city. But ever since its official incorporation, in 1967, the city of Yorba Linda, CA has gradually thrived, nowadays being one of the richest settlements in the County.

In a nutshell, Yorba Linda, CA measures 20 square miles and lays in the Orange County, somewhere in between the Santa Ana Mountains and the coast of the Pacific Ocean, though, the latter is a bit further away from Yorba Linda, CA. Aside from being Nixon’s hometown and the host of Black Gold Golf Club, a 200-acres famous golf course, Yorba Linda, CA is a great tourist destination on so many levels.